Online Marketing

Your Online Marketing Advocate

We are the online advocate for your business.  We interact with vendors, explain services, give you insight into IT lingo so you are not guessing when it comes to pricing and understanding what a service should do and fairly cost.  We  even research new programs so that you have someone in your corner who will give you the straight scoop on what advertising opportunities are worth the money, discerning between Black and White Hat SEO services and much more.  We are able to help with:

SEO Services

One of the biggest money wasters is the shadier SEO companies.  Many companies are far behind the curve in terms of SEO and still charging top dollar for tactics that no longer work or can even hurt your site’s ranking. We have a thorough knowledge of White Hat SEO and are always researching to stay up to speed on the latest changes. If your SEO provider is doing a good job we will confirm that, if we see gaps or problems, we can help redirect SEO dollars to a better place.

We have saved companies money by pointing out wasteful spending, working to help vendors provide more focused services or in some cases suggesting the removal of a service that is either not effective or overcharging.  ALWAYS, our top priority is to help your marketing dollars be as effective as possible.

Social Campaigns

Whether you would like to run your social campaigns in-house or have help from the outside, we can give you guidance and help you get started.

PPC Search Marketing Set-up and Maintenance

We set up PPC campaigns for smaller companies that are much more focused and efficient with advertising dollars than many of the cookie cutter services out there.  For larger companies with big PPC budgets we can help guide you to trustworthy partners or be your advocate to help explain the pros and cons of services.

Other Marketing Services Include:

Web Marketing Materials and Ads

Print Marketing Materials

Online contests and web promotions